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    Default MI - Essexville - And A Question. . .

    Source: Bay City Times, MI

    Meijer writes check for Hampton police to buy new radar guns

    The Hampton Township Police Department has a motley crew of radar guns.

    Out of six radar guns, three are inoperative and the other three are 8-10 years old, according to Chief Gerald Runde.

    ''You turn the unit on and the displays aren't working,'' said Runde about the three inoperative radar guns. ''The older radars don't have the feature to track cars going both ways.''

    Help in replacing the broken equipment is coming from an unlikely source - Meijer Inc.

    The superstore chain recently donated $8,000 to the Police Department, money that will be used to buy new equipment.

    Runde said Meijer decided to make the donation after Officer Nick P. Pletzke approached employees at the Meijer store at 595 N. Pine Road about the dismal state of equipment during a ''shop with a cop'' event held at the store in December.

    A ceremonial ''big check'' was presented to the Police Department on Dec. 29, and Runde believes to have the real check by the end of this week.

    Pletzke said he approached Meijer employees about making the donation based on past donations Meijer has made to the Hampton Township Fire Department.

    He also noted that the Hampton Township Police Department frequently responds to calls at the Pine Road store.

    ''They are probably the No. 1 property that we respond to,'' Pletzke said.

    Mark J. Thurston, acting store manager at Meijer, said the department deserves the new equipment for its squad cars and Meijer was the right store to donate.

    ''We have very few store detectives, but that doesn't matter because the police are so prudent,'' Thurston said.

    Chief Runde said the Police Department will use the money to order four new radar guns and a taser. The radar guns will cost about $1,600 each and the taser will cost about $825, Pletzke said.

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    My question is, since they are this close to me and I'd like to know.

    1600 dollars for each gun would give them which gun? Obviously I'm guessing it is going to be a K band gun, but beyond that - which makes retail roughly around 1600.



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