Roadworks speed camera warning for motorists

Drivers have been warned that a 50mph speed limit will be in force on the A2 from Monday.

The reduced limit is at Gravesend between Singlewell and Cobham during roadworks.

The new SPECS speed cameras that measure a car’s average speed over a set distance will be installed on the road.

The temporary 50mph speed limit applies at all times of the day and night and at weekends.

Rachel Wall of the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership said: “We urge all drivers to respect the temporary speed limit until the works are complete.

“The roadworks are clearly signed so there should be no excuse for not realising there is a temporary speed limit in place or that safety cameras are operating.

“The message is clear - slow down or run the risk of getting a speeding fine which is £60 and three points on your driving licence."