By Dave Gudgeon

THE first fixed speed cameras in north Cumbria are now expected to be up and running by next month.

The pair will cover a notorious stretch of the A69 at Low Row, east of Brampton, which has seen five fatalities in recent years.

But their installation has been delayed by several months because the contractors had to have their licence to carry out the installation work renewed by the government.

The camera covering the west-bound lane will be placed close to the filling station at Low Row, while the one covering east-bound traffic will be close to a row of houses about half a mile nearer Carlisle.

The £90,000 cameras, which are being government funded, will enforce the national speed limit of 60mph on a stretch of road that has seen numerous accidents. Mobile speed cameras, operated by Cumbria Safety Cameras, will be regular visitors to that stretch of the A69 in the run-up to the switch-on of the fixed cameras. The initial recommendation for the fixed cameras came from Cumbria police traffic management office.

Kevin Tea, communications manager with Cumbria Safety Cameras, said the aim was to cut speeds and save lives.

He said: “This is a location where there have been many accidents involving loss of life and serious injuries in the past and we have been given the go-ahead by the Department of Transport to put cameras there. we now expect them to be up and running by next month.”

Cumbria’s only other fixed speed cameras are in the south and west of the county.