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    Default OPP Back In Black

    ST. THOMAS, Ont. Ontario Provincial Police are turning back the clock and returning to traditional black and white colours for their police cruisers.

    All-white cruisers with blue and gold striping were introduced in 1989, and, by 1993, the black and white vehicles were completely phased out.

    The revived design was unveiled on a Crown Victoria at a Ford of Canada plant in St. Thomas before Community Safety Minister Monte Kwinter and OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino.

    Kwinter said the traditional colour scheme will give the cruisers enhanced visibility on Ontario's highways and provide the force with a distinctive presence.

    The first black and white cruisers will be patrolling high traffic areas of the 400 series highways by the beginning of March. Other vehicles will be rolled out as vehicles are replaced over the next two and a half years.

    The force maintains a fleet of about 1,200 patrol cars.

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    Didn't they use to be yellow? Hey look I thought I was being chased by some lunatic in a taxi! Of course I floored it!



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