LITH due process, photo enforcement for drivers delayed
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LAKE IN THE HILLS �“ The village’s plan to have photo radar units posted along Randall Road has been put on hold while police officials continue to research the best equipment to lease, officials said.

The cameras are intended to take pictures of red-light violators and send them tickets in the mail. Village Administrator Gerald Sagona said a recommendation on what equipment to use was expected by the end of next month.

Although the plan was to have units posted at Randall and Miller roads by this month, officials also had to create an adjudication process for those who would want to contest a ticket.

“They are entitled to due process,” Sagona said.

Trustees this month approved the creation of the Code Hearing Department for Administrative Adjudications for red-light tickets and 45 other areas of code violations �“ from parking to building codes.

But Sagona said the ordinance was not yet ready to go into effect, so those who choose to contest their tickets still will have to go to court in Woodstock.

“It will be rolled out in conjunction with the red-light enforcement program,” Sagona said.

Village President Ed Plaza also needs to appoint a lawyer as the hearing officer. The hearing officer will have the power to hear testimony, issue subpoenas, and impose penalties, according to the ordinance.

“It’s in our best interests to do this,” Sagona said. “One hundred percent of the fines levied will go back to the village. There will be no processing costs, as happens in the county. Any police officer or code-enforcement officer in the community development department issuing a violation would not have to travel up there. We’d save on travel and gas.”

Most minimum fines are $25, with some as high as $500 for illegal fireworks displays. Most maximum fines are $750, such as for drinking alcohol at a village park or open burning. Some maximum fines are less, such as $500 for solicitation without a permit or $250 for running a garage sale or raffle without a permit.