Drivers face new speed traps

FIVE new radar speed traps are being installed on Mallorca’s roads in a bid to combat the road crash death toll on the island. Spot checks by local police will also be increased, according to Balearic central government representative, Ramon Socias, who revealed that 88 people died on the island’s roads last year.

It was the lowest death toll recorded since 1983, but police and traffic department officials are determined to clamp down on speeding drivers, who are allegedly to blame for the majority of accidents. The speed traps will be placed on the main roads linking Palma with Inca, Manacor, Llucmajor, and Andratx. The exact locations have not yet been finalised but officials said motorists would be informed before they go into operation.

Mr Socias said it was absurd for drivers to exceed speed limits on the short journeys made across the island, claiming that they were risking their lives and the lives of others just to save a few minutes.

Although speeding was the main cause of fatalities, other deaths were blamed on distraction and drivers falling asleep at the wheel, ignoring stop signs and driving under the influence of drugs. The government delegate added that 40 per cent of drivers killed on the roads in 2006 were not wearing a seat belt.