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Unpaid red light camera citations mounting in Houston

According to the Houston Police Department only 25% of the issued citations have been paid since the program began in September of 2006. Violators have 45 days to pay or request a hearing to contest the citation. Unpaid citations are referred to collection agencies, so nonpayment could show up on credit reports. But because camera-generated citations are civil, not criminal, courts can't issue arrest warrants for those who don't pay, as they can for drivers who don't pay speeding tickets or red-light tickets issued by police who witness violations. Some states threaten to suspend drivers licenses but haven't heard of any cases as such. Very few people know anything about law and there are still many inconsistencies from city to city across the U.S.

Now in the event you so choose not to pay for the red light ticket, it goes to the collection agency right? Well if it does they will most likely put that on your credit record. It will stay on for 7 years. Many people would worry about the collection agency calling and calling to harass you for payment. But I have got good news for you, that many forget about.
It's called " The Cease and Desist Letter" If the collection agency calls you get their Name, Address, Phone Number ect. Once you get all of that good info. Tell them they are not to call you again, that you will be sending their agency a "Cease and Desist Letter, if they call after receiving the letter you may sue them under your legal rights of the Cease and Desist Act.

This stops the collection agency from ever contacting you again. Somethings you need to put in the letter are:
- Not to contact you again
- Inform them if they do call you after this letter it is a violation of the "Cease and Desist Act" and you will be recording the whole phone call on audio tape. (Keep record of the time, date, who called, their ID # ect. if they do call)
- Upon the first call of a collection agency, inform them you will only be working with the original company that referred you to the collection agency. This is your right, so use it!
It has been reported that some collection agencies collect payment, but never send any of that money to the person wishing to collect payment.
So it's always best to make arrangements with the original person wishing payment. Do not make any promises to anyone about payment, these can be held against you. Only use lingo such as I will do my best to send you something X times a month/week/year ect. never give an actual number.

If you have any further questions I can refer you to a book that had all of this good info in it.