CARY, N.C. -- If you drive through construction zones in Cary and in Johnston County you may want to ease up on that gas pedal this week.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol is teaming up with the Department of Transportation and other police departments for "Operation Yellow Jacket."

State troopers are getting creative when it comes to nabbing speeders in construction zones.

"We're attempting to identify vehicles that are excessively speeding, driving recklessly through the construction zones. Those are the people, the motorists, we're targeting," said Lt. Everett Clendenin of the state Highway Patrol.

That's why the Highway Patrol is launching Operation Yellow Jacket. But instead of watching drivers in Highway Patrol cars, state troopers wait for speeders in trucks on loan from the DOT using high tech laser speed guns called "Lidars."

In about 10 minutes, one trooper caught eight speeders.

In addition to preventing accidents, officers say forcing people to slow down also protects workers.

"You really want people to slow down and make sure the construction workers are safe, but it's also deceiving," said Myrna Pagan of Apex. "I guess if you're driving the way you're supposed to do, you shouldn't care one way or the other."

"They use unmarked cars and stuff. You know, whatever it takes to do it," said Larry Parker.

Cary drivers aren't the only ones being targeted. The Highway Patrol will also watch vehicles on Interstate 40 in Johnston County. The Highway Patrol says both those construction areas are where they run into the most problems.

The joint effort is in full swing throughout early February, but state troopers say Operation Yellow Jacket will be in effect indefinitely.

The penalty for speeding in a work zone is $250 plus court costs, which is a total of $360 for one charge.