Driver who beat speeding rap banned from road

A driver who escaped a speeding charge after successfully challenging the accuracy of a police speed gun has been banned from the road - after being caught driving 130mph on the motorway.
Clothes shop owner Brian Wiltshire, 48, of Artlebeck Road, Caton, near Lancaster, last week told the Evening Post of his 'victory' after showing in court an officer who caught him driving 39mph had not operated the LTI 20/20 speed device properly.

But today he is banned from the road completely after being clocked at 60mph over the speed limit on the southbound M6 near Kendal.

Mr Wiltshire appeared before South Lakes magistrates on Tuesday. He was fined 225 and disqualified from driving for six weeks.

The court heard he was returning home from business in Kendal to his Lancaster home at around 2.50am on November 12.

He had recently bought a new Honda S2000 sports car and said he had not appreciated how powerful it was.

Jeanette Miller, from the firm defending Wiltshire, told the Evening Post: "He does not condone speeding and he fully accepts he was speeding and is not proud of it but he admitted it."