City moving speed camera to Mesa Drive, Southern

Codie Sanchez
Jan. 30, 2007 06:59 PM
Mesa police are moving their speed-enforcement camera from one high-accident intersection to another.

Starting Thursday, Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue will be monitored with a speed-enforcement camera along with a red-light camera.

The speed camera currently is two miles east at Gilbert Road and Southern Avenue, which will be monitored just for red-light running starting Thursday.

The speed camera catches drivers speeding at least 11 mph over the limit, regardless of the color of the traffic light. The city has 30 red-light cameras that snap photos when vehicles enter an intersection on a red light.

The cameras capture the face of the driver as well as the image of the vehicle in high-resolution color digital photos, according to police.

Police will continue to rotate cameras and publish the location on their Web site.

For traffic camera locations and more information go to the Mesa Police Department's Traffic Web site at