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    Default IL - State Trooper Again Accused Of Forcing Naked Sex Acts

    State Trooper Again Accused Of Forcing Naked Sex Acts In Snow
    Multiple Complaints Made Against Same Officer

    POSTED: 8:59 am CST February 2, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:41 am CST February 2, 2007
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    CHICAGO -- An Illinois State Police trooper is being sued yet again, accused of making another two people get physical in the snow while they were naked.

    Already having served six months in jail for ordering a couple to strip on Interstate 94 and facing a few other lawsuits from different couples, yet another suit was filed Thursday in federal court against state Trooper Jeremy Dozier.

    This time, the suit filed in federal court Thursday alleges Dozier made a couple perform "certain physical movements in the snow for the purpose of his sexual gratification."

    Amanda Poby is suing Dozier, the state police, and the state of Illinois. She claims that on Feb. 4, 2005, Dozier intentionally calculated an extreme and outrageous scheme to inflict severe emotional distress on Poby.

    About 1 a.m., Dozier approached a car owned by Poby that was parked at Gurnee Mills Shopping Center in the far north suburb. Poby was in the car with Chris Ryan Pierce when Dozier detained them. The suit claims Dozier ordered the couple to remain nude and unclothed in the vehicle while he repeatedly and continuously shined a flashlight on Poby.

    Dozier then proceeded to perform an interior search of the front seat floor area where Poby sat nude, the suit alleges. Afterward, the couple was ordered to exit the vehicle and lay down in the snow while still nude. Then came a command for them to perform "certain physical movements in the snow for the purpose of (Dozier’s) sexual gratification," the suit claims.

    During the alleged incident, Dozier kept a flashlight on Poby. He then left the scene, the suit said.

    Dozier allegedly has made other couples perform separate physically humiliating acts -- while completely nude -- in the snow after he found them in a parked car or along the side of the road.

    The suit alleges Dozier violated Poby’s Fourth Amendment rights and that he detained and falsely imprisoned Poby against her will.

    The suit seeks an undisclosed amount in damages.

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    Default hope

    Hope Poby wins this one!



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