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    Default Speeding Cop Dobbed in by Fellow Cops

    Officers turn in police hoon

    A COP who was part of a squad targeting yobbish behaviour reached speeds of up to 202km/h as he showed off in a police car in a bid to impress colleagues.

    But Andrew Robert Cumming's idiocy backfired when the terrified and outraged constables reported his "reckless" behaviour.

    And today he was fined after pleading guilty to the stunt.

    Cumming, 30, today offered no excuse for his behaviour - which his barrister Les Nicholls described as "the most irresponsible and recklessly stupid act'' the cop had ever committed.

    "He is extremely remorseful, contrite and embarrassed in respect to the matter, not only personally but professionally,'' barrister Les Nicholls said in Sutherland Local Court today.

    Cumming was a specialist highway patrol driver attached to Operation Seta.

    As part of the rapid response unit, Cumming drove with two operational support officers to target anti-social behaviour.

    On January 18 last year, Cumming was driving on the Freeway with two constables and was explaining how the Highway Patrol Car worked before accelerating to a high speed.

    One constable saw the speedometer reach 202km/h - although he felt he was going faster - and asked Cumming to stop driving.

    According to the constable, Cumming replied: "Don't worry. That speedo, it stops at 202. We were actually doing 230-240km/h.''

    Just two days later, Cumming was driving with two different constables when he reached more than 202km/h on the same freeway and overtook about 30 other cars while travelling at that speed.
    In both cases, they were not driving to an urgent police job.

    Cumming - who pleaded guilty to two counts of exceed speed by over 45km/h - was ordered to pay $800 fine for each offence.

    His licence was suspended in June last year and for the first charge, Magistrate Anthony Townsden suspended his licence for six months until December 2006.

    But for the second charge, Mr Townsden disqualified him from driving for a further one year which will expire on December 7.

    Mr Townsden described Cumming's behaviour as "gross carelessness and stupidity'' which put other lives at risk and said it was the highest speed he has ever dealt with.

    Mr Townsden told the court he had reduced the fine from the maximum of $2200 because of Cumming's good character.

    Cumming - who was removed from his position and put on restricted duties - has been an officer for seven years and in the past, has served as a volunteer for the CFA and SES.

    Cumming did not comment outside of court and was driven away by his barrister.

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    Talk about a bunch of narcs. No wonder they are police
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