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    Default AU - Shots shatter speed camera lenses

    VICTORIA Police are appealing for witnesses to help them catch two young men who shot at speed cameras in Melbourne's east.

    Witnesses heard shots fired at the fixed speed cameras in Middleborough Road, Blackburn North, near the Eastern Freeway intersection, about 11.45pm (AEDT) yesterday, police said.

    A witness said two young men ran from the scene to a nearby bike track.

    The cameras' glass lens covers were shattered with what police believe was a handheld firearm.

    The police air wing and dog squad units searched for the men without success.
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    No need to make that much noise and attract that attention. All you need is some Liquid Nails on a long stick with a brush on the end of it and paint the camer lenses in......apparently :wink:



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