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    Default OK Speed Trap town declares bankruptcy

    Moffett, OK announced on 3 Feb that they were filing Chapter 9 Bankruptcy proceedings in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Eastern OK; this is two months after the OK Attorney General
    and the State Police declared the town an illegal speed trap, and revoked the local police
    force's authority to enforce traffic laws on U.S. 64. The article doesn't say how big the force
    is, but how many full-time cops does a town of 178 need? Without the revenue from citations,
    the town can't manage the $200K in debts run up by a former mayor, and will likely have to
    unincorporate. Lesson to learn: small towns can't balance their books on the wallets of the
    traveling public. Perhaps other speed trap towns will heed the lesson.
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    One word, greed :?



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