Highway 4 Speeding Crackdown

officer holding a speed gun

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KCBS) -- Excessive speeding on Highway 4 in east Contra Costa County has caught the attention of a traffic commissioner and the CHP. Now anyone going 90mph or faster in the 65mph zone will face a 10-day driving suspension.

Since 2006 there have been nearly 1,000 accidents on the highway, and over half of them were caused by speeding. Drivers tend to accelerate over the limit in non-commute hours when traffic is free flowing.

"I think everybody's just in a hurry to get where they're going, said CHP Officer Matt McCloskey, who works out of Martinez. We're a vehicle based culture these days and as soon as that traffic opens up from being stop and go they step on it to get where they're going."

McCloskey told KCBS Bob Melrose that there are several factors contributing to speeding. "I think the public needs to be aware of what their speed is and the flow of traffic is not a good guage of what your speed is. Today cars are quiet, they're smooth. It's easy to get going above the speed limit and if you're sticking with everybody else on the freeway it's not an excuse. The max is 65 miles an hour," he said.

Meanwhile, Traffic Commissioner Lowell Richards hopes the suspensions are sending a clear message to the public.


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