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    Default Bare-breasted Women Used To Help Reduce Speeding

    Images of young bare-breasted women waving speed limit signs may help male motorists become more aware of speed limits but have also angered politicians that demanded an inquiry from the Danish government, reports said Monday.

    Justice Minister Lene Espersen and Gender Equality Minister Eva Kjaer Hansen were asked by opposition Social Democrat Karen Haekkerup to inform parliament of the costs for the video Speed Bandits that were produced by the Danish Road Safety Council that groups both public and private agencies involved in road-safety issues.

    Since the video was released on the internet last November, it has been seen by some 7.5 million people including 500,000 Danes, said the council that aims to increase public road safety through information and traffic education.

    The council claimed that a third of the male target group, aged 18 to 40, "were more aware" of speed limits after viewing the film.

    The overall intent was however questioned by Haekkerup, according to the regional newspaper Jyskevestkysten.

    Randi Theil Nielsen of the umbrella group the Women's Council in Denmark that groups some 50 organizations was also critical.

    "Young naked women are used today to market all sorts of things. Now the message is also speed limits. But honestly, I have a hard time seeing what naked breasts have to do with how fast we drive," she said according to the newspaper.

    Julie Paulli Budtz of the Road Safety Council said the film was "full of irony" and not a depiction of actual life.

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    Default Aren't

    Aren't they doing this in the Netherlands too?



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