Curiosity Grows about 1-85 Sweep

Feb 21, 2007 10:18 PM

There is still no word on why car ... after car...after car has been pulled over on I-85. But, one thing is for sure drivers are getting curious.

"I have seen them have families with kids outside the car with all their stuff out. I really think it's unnecessary," says Demetris Berry, driver.

"It's not making the police look good. I can tell you that right now," said Johnny Peek ,driver.

It's clear police are looking for something.

"Whatever the police are doing I'm sure they have a good reason for searching cars and that type thing,"says Sheila Smoke, driver.

Though police are not releasing details about what's going on they say it's a project that's been underway for three months.

But, with little information drivers are left to draw their own conclusions

If nothing else some people hope the police presence will slow speeders down.

"Allot of accidents happen on 85 with people doing 90 and 95 miles an hour they shouldn't be speeding with children in the car anyway," says Berry.