Columbus Plans To Add More Red Light Cameras
Feb 26 2007 5:42PM

The corner of Summit Street and Chittenden Avenue is the only intersection where the number of red light violations went up after cameras were installed, according to a report released Monday.

From September through December, the number of people who ran red lights increased from 189 to 275, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

The red light cameras are making a difference and police said that they were planning to add more cameras.

At the corner of Fourth Street and Mount Vernon Avenue, cameras caught more than 1,300 drivers running red lights. Nine months later, the number decreased 75 percent to around 350 drivers, Landers reported.

The intersection of Henderson and Gettysburg roads also saw a dramatic decrease in red light runners. Since September, the number of cars photographed running a red light fell 92 percent from 676 to 53, according to the report.

Police said that it was too early to tell whether the red light cameras are changing driving behavior at all intersections, but said they were encouraged by the numbers and believe the cameras are saving lives, Landers reported.

A red light camera ticket costs drivers $95, while it will cost $35 more if a police officer stops the driver, Landers reported.

A camera located at East Broad Street and Grant Avenue started tracking drivers going through red lights on Monday. The city said that it plans to add cameras at two more intersections.

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