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    Default GA - Macon - Red Light Cameras Put on Hold

    Red Light Cameras Put on Hold
    Submitted by Heather Graf on Mon, 02/26/2007 - 11:46pm.

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    Red light cameras will not be coming to Macon, at least not anytime soon.

    Monday night, members of city council's Public Safety Committee decided to hold off on a plan to install the cameras at ten intersections throughout the city.

    They say they still have too many unanswered questions about exactly how the cameras would work, how much it would cost to install them, how much money they'd bring in, and whether they'd actually save lives in the city of Macon.

    "We just need some time, and I know people think we spin our wheels a lot, but on this particular issue, it's very prudent to move slowly." - Cole Thomason, City Council Member

    The decision to delay the purchase of the red light cameras comes on the same night that council members held a public hearing, to get some feedback on the cameras.

    About a dozen people showed up for the hearing - and most of them were against the idea.

    "People are going to get hurt awfully bad. Automobiles are going to get rear ended, and its just going to be a mess." - Bryan Blair, Driver

    Another reason council members decided to table the issue, is because the Georgia state legislature is currently considering a bill that would make the cameras illegal in Georgia.

    "Whether it's going to pass or not remains to be seen. But what we have to do is protect ourselves, just in case it does." - Charles Jones, City Council Member

    But what's really standing in the way of bringing the cameras to Macon is money - or a lack of it.

    It would cost the city half a million dollars to get the system up and running.

    "The bottom line is we don't have the money to be endeavoring in such a risky project." - Cole Thomason, City Council Member

    Now, this doesn't mean we've seen the end of these red light camera discussions. Council members told the city attorney and members of the mayor's administration to come back in a couple weeks, with specific answers to their questions about the cameras.

    If they get the answers they're looking for - council members could decide to give the cameras another shot.
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    Default UPDATE 5/15

    Evidently they got some answers this past Monday night, and didn't like what they heard.

    Macon city council members are putting the brakes on a plan to install red light traffic cameras all over the city.

    Monday night, members of council's public safety committee said "no" to a five-year contract with a company called Affiliated Computer Services.

    ACS offered to install and maintain the cameras at ten Macon intersections.

    The problem, is that it would cost almost half a million dollars to get the system up and running.

    City council members say that's just too much money.

    "It's simply too risky for the city to undertake right now, when our finances are as precarious as they are." - Nancy White, City Council Member

    Council members say the only way they would even consider the cameras is if they were able to test them out during a 90-day pilot program.

    If ACS agrees to that proposal, the cameras could be given another shot.

    Over the last five years, red light runners have caused more than 500 accidents in the city of Macon.



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