Now, SMS will alert you about traffic violations
By Amira Agarib

22 February 2007

DUBAI — So far, it was the flash of the camera. The instant way to guess you may have erred on the road. Now, you’ll also be alerted by SMS or email of your traffic fines. So you’ll learn of your violation in no time, and for sure.

Brigadier Issa Aman, Deputy Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, announced at a Press conference yesterday that Dubai Police had launched a traffic e-system, wherein, the traffic police would record traffic violations on their mobile phone cameras and notify the motorists instantly. The new system will co-exist with the earlier system, where traffic inspectors issue tickets to violators in the presence or absence of the motorist.

After registering the violations, the traffic police will send the information to the General Department of Traffic, which in turn, will inform the motorist by SMS or e-mail, or by sending video images of the violation.

“The system will provide offenders with details of their violations, like the time, date, place, car plate number, the type of violation, and the penalty amount,” Brigadier Aman said.


Colonel Ahmed bin Dalmouk, Director of the General Department of Electronic Services, who was also present at the Press conference, said the General Department of Traffic would first be alerted by the traffic inspector about the violation. It will then verify the information and pass on the information to the erring motorist.

On whether the new system could result in a possible duplication of fines for the same violation by motorists, Colonel Dalmouk said they were mulling how to eliminate this problem.