Efforts under way to curb speeding
Article Launched: 03/02/2007 06:32:08 AM PST

The California Highway Patrol, together with local police agencies, has stepped up speed enforcement efforts along Highway 12 between Suisun City and Azevedo Road near Rio Vista in order to maximize safety, officials said Thursday.

Legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk, D-Solano, in association with the Solano Transit Authority, has been instrumental in the effort, officials said, adding that the pending legislation - which will ultimately cover Highway 12 from Interstate 80 east to the I-5 interchange - will be a multi agency effort.

The CHP is deploying speed teams using RADAR and LIDAR technologies and aerial surveillance to reduce traffic speeds and, in turn, help reduce collisions.

A separate grant provides the CHP with the opportunity to work with young, newly licensed drivers and their parents through a program known as Start Smart.