Radar Gun Experiment in Fayetteville, NC
At any given time in Fayetteville, NC, two-thirds of the drivers on the roads are speeding.
Over a five-day period in January, reporters with The Fayetteville Observer used radar guns to check the speed of more than 3,800 drivers in 40 spots around the city. With the help of police radar guns, the reporters clocked speeding about 2,500 people.
Driving too fast is a huge problem in every state and everywhere. Last year, 10 people died in speeding-related accidents on Fayetteville roads. That compares to 15 murders citywide in the same time span.
It's a well known fact, increasing the number of tickets, which police officers hand out, they slow down speeders. And in this case, traffic radar guns substantially helped police officers with their work.