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    Speed Cameras To Be Installed Along Boulevard

    (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA There's a new legislative effort to get speed sensitive photo cameras installed along Philadelphia's Roosevelt Boulevard.

    Since the red light cameras were installed along the Boulevard they are credited with cutting down red light runners by approximately 96 percent. Now legislators are proposing cameras to track speeders, in an effort to get drivers to put the breaks on.

    "Witnesses were saying they were doing about 80 mph when they actually struck my daughter," said Nanci Miller, whose 15-year-old daughter Shawna Cleary was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on the Boulevard last year.

    Legislators are proposing speed cameras in an effort to cut back on the number of deadly accidents on the Boulevard.

    "If someone steps out, mistakenly, in front of a vehicle at the speed in which they are going right now, they do not have a chance," said State Rep. John Taylor said.

    Taylor joined fellow lawmakers Thursday to announce new legislation to install speed detection cameras at the three intersections where there are currently red light cameras: Grant Avenue, Cottman Avenue and Red Lion Road.
    Those existing red lights cameras can also be used to clock speeders.

    In the months ahead they plan to install the cameras at five additional intersections: Southampton Road, Rhawn Street, Welsh Road, Mascher Street and Levick Street.

    "These will not be citations that people will receive points," State Rep. George Kenney said.

    Speed violators will face a maximum $500 fine.

    Lawmakers said they plan to have the cameras online by early next fall.

    ( MMVII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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    If people are routinly speeding dangerously, where are the police? It doesn't take cameras to cut down speeding on a few streets. Put some cops out, pull some people over so everybody can see and people will slow down.

    I heard the law in PA also mandates that the cameras must be old 35mm film, and that sprays such as photoblocker are effective against these cameras. Anybody have any experience with this?

    It's also interesting how the tickets are "decriminalized" and come with no points. Seems like they just want your money here.

    I wonder what happens if you don't respond to such a "ticket."



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