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    Default Speed enforcement versus visible traffic enforcement

    Speed enforcement versus visible traffic enforcement
    12 03 2007

    28km south of Hanover10km south of Hanover30km north of Hanover on N1

    On my return from my Dad’s funeral in Oudtshoorn [well known for the Cango Caves], I decided to do a thorough analysis of traffic enforcement on the 740km stretch of road from Oudtshoorn to Bloemfontein. I might admit that I also had a desire to find where the speed enforcers are positioned - having previously received 4 speeding tickets on this route.

    I was absolutely stunned to find 3 traffic officers behind state of the art speed enforcement equipment on a 62km stretch of road to the south and north of the small town of Hanover - and I am convinced that this is a mere revenue generating exercise. The road is not close to houses or schools and there is ample visibility - the road is in perfect condition with a nice space of shoulder to both sides of the yellow line. I believe this statement would be proved correct if the budget of the Hanover municipality can be revealed along with the accident statistics for this specific stretch of road. I must admit that I was disappointed on this excessive focus on speeding and lack of focus on other aspects such as road-worthiness, seat belt wearing rates etc

    I stopped, turned around and approached the traffic officers. I introduced myself as the developer of the Arrive Alive website and asked permission to take a photograph of them and their equipment. The traffic officers were very friendly and even showed me how the “camera” caught traffic offenders.

    Visible enforcement

    I also have to admit the pleasant surprise with regards to visibility of enforcement from Hanover to Bloemfontein. In total on the 740 km stretch of road I came across 4 speed cameras, 4 stationary traffic vehicles and 6 moving traffic vehicles. This was more than I had expected. A special word of recognition should go to the traffic officer who slowed down and stopped to assist a stationary truck with an emergency triangle placed on the road. Another traffic officer stopped a truck on the road between Colesberg and Bloemfontein and I was rather impressed by this officer not merely relaxing below some of the overhead bridges like some of his colleagues…

    Effective Enforcement

    I have been disappointed not to have been stopped on this long stretch of road. The outcome of my analysis is that I could have driven to Bloemfontein with the possibility of receiving 4 speeding tickets in the post. I could however ALSO have driven 740km without a license, in an non roadworthy vehicle, not wearing a seat belt and whilst being under the influence of alcohol. These are unfortunately things that are bigger dangers to road safety than speeding - and these can only be picked up at a road block!

    Road safety in South Africa requires visible traffic enforcement - but even more important - EFFECTIVE visible traffic enforcement. I hope that the focus will in future move away from speeding tickets - and focus on other more important issues.

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    Default let's

    Let's just call it strictly enforcement.



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