Cameras nab red-light runners

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The city of SeaTac is launching this month a public information campaign to increase community awareness of hazards associated with running red lights.

Targeted police enforcement will be part of the education program as SeaTac begins using an automated system to issue citations for red light traffic violations.

The system, which uses cameras and sensors to photograph the moving violations, is expected to be activated before the end of March.

The first intersection with a camera system will be South 188th Street and International Boulevard South.

Red light cameras are connected to traffic signals. A camera is only activated when a driver enters an intersection after the light has turned red.

The City of SeaTac has contracted with Redflex Traffic Systems for the use of their digital SMARTCAMred camera system.

Each camera system consists of a main camera to provide rear-shot images of vehicles and another camera that takes a zoomed image of their rear license plates.

A digital video camera also captures the vehicle driving through the intersection on a red light.

Once the system is activated, there will be a 30-day warning period. Drivers who run the red lights during the warning period will receive a letter informing them of the violation. After 30 days, the city will start issuing citations to drivers.

Call the SeaTac Police Department at 206-973-4900 for more information.