Rosslyn to get tougher on speeders
By Becky Hershberger, Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speeding motorists in Rosslyn Farms beware.

Officials are determined to slow down cars in the vicinity of Pilgrim, Park and Edgecliff Roads, although one solution caused some friction Monday.

Council members examined the option of establishing a "no parking" zone beginning at 49 Edgecliff, and extending 100 feet, but some residents weren't happy.

The Johnston family, of 49 Edgecliff, as well as their neighbors, voiced opinions that the idea of establishing the no-parking zone is unsubstantiated.

The Johnstons believe they have been singled out because they previously removed their sidewalk.

"The last thing we want to do is put people in harm's way. We don't understand what this is supposed to do," said Chris Johnston.

"I don't like the undercurrent of what is going on. We're not looking for a fight."

Audience members said there should be more than one property included and a major traffic study should be done.

Council enacted an ordinance last December that requires residents to seek approval from council before removing an existing sidewalk.

David Robb, council member, made an itemized list of the benefits and problems associated with installing sidewalks in February, and defended his proposal to institute the "no parking" zone.

"Some action had to be taken at the last council meeting because a safety concern had been established by the sidewalk coming out. If it's not addressed, it is a borough liability," he said.

"I don't know if I think "no parking," is the best solution. It's one solution."

Council president Kathy Green said the "no parking zone," suggestion is one attempt to solve a public safety issue.

"I can say this was not retaliatory in any way. It is an attempt to solve the problem. It's a challenge to maintain safety and quality of life and to try to meet everyone's needs," she said.

"There is a lot of misinformation in this community regarding sidewalks. It's been a contentious issue ? if you removed your sidewalk, you don't want somebody telling you to put it back in. It's always been a contentious issue and a difficult one."

Council members tabled prohibiting parking in that section of Edgcliff, and on a related note, approved the installation of a temporary stop sign at the northeast corner of Pilgrim Road at the intersection of Terrace Avenue.

Public safety

The police department received a $990 grant through the district attorney's office to purchase a taser last month. Chief Larry Fischio and officer Scott Kercher have been trained in using the equipment.

Officials discussed adding a fourth sign off of the Parkway West exit since 18-wheeler trucks are getting lost in Rosslyn's neighborhoods, especially on Revere Road.

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