Canmore photo radar ready for deployment

By Tanya Foubert
Mar 17 2007

Canmore’s lead-footed drivers better start slowing down or face the consequences – the town’s photo radar program is set to start catching speeders as of next week.

Nearly a year to the day after originally voting to approve a contract to provide photo radar to the town, Canmore council heard Tuesday (March 13) it will be deployed on the streets by March 19.

Speeders have a grace period though, as the first month of Global Traffic Group’s operations will only see it handing out warning tickets. Fines, however, are set to begin as of April 23.

Global’s operations are solely within the town limits and its special constables will only be on the roads for 24 hours a week, with the rest of their time spent on administrative duties and court appearances. Global will not be fining out-of-province vehicles.

Supervisor of bylaw services Greg Burt told council that the delays in Global’s start-up schedule, it was originally expected to be at the warning ticket stage in November, were due to getting the province to approve the special constable appointments for its employees.

Another delay, he said, was for approval from Alberta Infrastructure to place signage on the 1A highway and Three Sisters Parkway.

“We are, as of yesterday, assured it will start by the contractor next week,” senior manager of protective services Brent Pedersen said.

Canmore residents have noticed signage going up around town in areas that the technology will be employed. Those areas are pre-determined by the RCMP, who also decide the thresholds for warning tickets and violations.

Burt said that for Global to be operating in any particular area, signs would have to go up beforehand to warn motorists.

Mayor Ron Casey expressed concern that he was operating under the wrong impression with regards to signage and how photo radar can be implemented by the town.

“If we can’t respond to (speeders) without getting out a backhoe and putting a sign up every time, that is crazy,” Casey said. “That is an entirely different program than I was told.”