Cops keep close watch on speeders


Georgetown police are cracking down on drivers who are speeding and rolling through stop signs.

Sgt. Jason Whitaker, traffic enforcement supervisor, said Monday that Gano Avenue and Payne Avenue were the target of particular attention during the past week.

"We have had several officers sitting on Gano, including myself to catch violators," Whitaker said.

Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames prominently mentioned speeding enforcement last week during the Georgetown City Council meeting and during her State of the City address to the Georgetown-Scott County Chamber of Commerce.

Whitaker said all of the streets have been watched particularly carefully as of late and police officers will continue to do so.

"I like to mix it up with city streets, main roads and neighborhoods, with patrolling and watching for traffic violations," Whitaker said.

Whitaker has seven traffic officers, with one on first shift and three on second and third shifts.

"Our main goal is, that we want to keep people from running through stop signs and speeding. We will write tickets, guaranteed," he said.

Whitaker also noted that the police department gets a lot of other complaints regarding traffic in school zones.

"The school zones are heavily violated, notably Garth Elementary, with most coming from South Broadway where traffic is congested," he said.

Whitaker said a state traffic grant is being used to pay for extra patrolling.

"I'm asking these seven guys to work overtime on three main issues: DUI's, collisions and speeding and seat belts," he said.

Whitaker said there were 141 violations written up in February and 183 in January. Violations include not wearing seat belts, speeding, reckless driving and expired plates.

Collisions and injuries in Georgetown are running fairly steadily during the past two years. From July 1, 2005 through Feb. 28, 2006, there were 651 collisions, 98 injury accidents and 158 total injuries.

From July 1, 2006 through Feb. 28, 2007, there were 645 total collisions, 106 injury accidents, one fatality and 154 total injuries.