It's official, red light cameras are coming to Lubbock and they should be here by early this summer.

Thursday morning, the council voted 4-1 to approve cameras at 12 Lubbock intersections. Mayor Miller, Councilwomen Phyllis Jones, Linda DeLeon and Councilman Floyd Price voted for the cameras. John Leonard was the only one to vote against. Gary Boren and Jim Gilbreath were not in attendance so they did not place a vote.

Thursday's vote comes after the original vote was delayed so engineers could go back and check the timing of the lights. As NewsChannel 11 told you Tuesday, those findings were presented at the citizen traffic commission meeting, and all but one intersection met or exceeded the national safety standard. The one in question has since been corrected.

Councilman Floyd Price said, "We've got a problem with red lights, and that's the person who is running the red lights."

A five year contract with ATS assures that the system will be in place for at least that long, expecting to generate millions in revenue for the city.

Mayor Miller cited a two week study done by the Lubbock Police about the numbers. He said, "In only 2 weeks, a total of 55 events, 28 that ran the lights we couldn't catch, 7 got warnings, 20 citations that's a total of 55 in two weeks. If you do the math, that's 1430 a year at those same 16 intersections. You do the math and multiply that by 10, get's you 160 intersections, not up to the 190. That's 14,300 people who are running lights, that's just based on this very unscientific 2 week study."

In 2006 alone, more than 1,100 red light running citations were issued in Lubbock and one argument is that with the new system in place, rear-end accidents will increase. Between 2004 and 2006, 783 collisions happened in Lubbock due to red light running resulting in one fatality and almost 200 injuries.

Recently, we reported that a hiring freeze was in place because the red light camera system was put on hold. That freeze ended Thursday, the moment the camera's were passed.

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