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    Default Oink, Oink! Pig jibe at police not an offence

    AFTER copping a speeding ticket last year, former highway patrolman Dave Gabriel thanked the police and said: "Bye piggies, oink, oink." Told to expect an additional fine for the remarks, he leant out of the window and called: "Well, here's a second go," and said, "Bye piggies," again.

    Gabriel was taken away in a paddy wagon and charged with offensive behaviour, but he may have the last laugh.

    Sutherland Local Court magistrate George Miller awarded him $1300 in legal costs after declaring that the remarks - made during a random breath testing stop on Grand Parade at Sutherland - did not constitute an offence. Though "childish", such language was not defined as offensive conduct by the law, Mr Miller said.

    Gabriel was, however, penalised $150 for speeding approaching the breathalyser queue.

    He says the ticket was a stitch-up linked to bad blood between himself and his former employer following his resignation nearly a decade ago.

    In 2004, Gabriel was sentenced to nine months' periodic detention for conducting a "sustained vendetta" against one-time colleague Sergeant John Rayment.

    At a one-day cricket international two years earlier, an alcohol-affected but not drunk Gabriel was arrested after a run-in with SCG security, cuffed and made to lie face down. Surveillance footage showed an officer treading on his head.

    Sergeant Rayment used the film to prosecute Gabriel but 62 seconds were wiped from the tape, during which, Gabriel said, police assaulted him. An investigation agreed the video had been "tampered with" but made no adverse findings.

    "This is what it was all about," Gabriel said of his latest trouble. "They were only conducting a random breath test until they looked at my licence."
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    Default have

    Have heard of this said in private but never to an officers face. Shocked :shock:

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    Yep, completely legal. About the only thing you can't do is curse "fighting words" toward an officer. You can curse all you want and call them what ever you want as long as you don't use curse words in an aggressive manner that would normally instigate a fight.

    At least that is how the law is written around here.



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