Source: KRQE News 13

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ALBUQUERQUE -- Some of Albuquerque’s red-light cameras may soon be moved to other locations although motorists may not know which old sites are the losers.

Right now there are 17 intersections with red light cameras across town, and Mayor Martin Chávez today said the goal is to eventually have 20. However with this new plan, it might seem like there are many more.

Chávez called the city's red light program such a success that he’s considering relocating some of the cameras.

“We're having so much success with reducing accidents, reducing violations, we’re now in discussion about pulling some of the cameras,” Chávez said. “That's simply because they came, they saved the day, saved lives, and now we want to look at redeploying them.”

The mayor wouldn’t say which cameras would move or which intersections might be getting them.

But he did say most likely the outer shells of the camera equipment would remain intact at existing intersections, and only the camera and electronics inside would be removed.

“It may be that we'll just stop utilizing them and leave them up,” Chávez said. “People can see them, but they're not actually functional.”

Drivers then won't know which intersections have cameras and which don't.

The mayor said he hopes that will cause people to slow down and obey laws at every intersection.

“Here's what people should assume,” he said. “When the light turns yellow, don't enter the intersection, and if you run a red light, you're going to get a ticket.”

The plan is still in the preliminary phases.

At this point, the mayor said there is no specific time line for when the cameras might be moved.

So far, the city has collected a little more than $6 million in fines from the red light camera program.