"BOSTON -- Young drivers will face longer license suspensions for breaking the law and higher costs to get their licenses restored when changes to the Massachusetts Junior Operator Law goes into effect on April 1.

NewsCenter 5's Pam Cross reported that the road to getting a Junior Operators License, the drivers' license for anyone under 18, has a few more potholes. Students need twice as much instruction and the penalties are tougher.

"It's intense, you know? It makes you want to do everything right -- donít speed, don't break the law pretty much," said Anna Sheridan, who has her learners' permit.

"They do stuff I wouldnít do at all, and you wonder whey they do it. They donít realize that it's a machine that can kill somebody," said driving instructor Shawn O'Brien.

Under the new junior operator rules, one speeding ticket earns a young driver a 90-day license suspension, a $50 fine, a $500 reinstatement fee and they must pay for and take an attitudinal retraining course and a state road rage program

Those who operate driving schools said the changes are an improvement that may save lives.

"The program is not going to make them safe drivers, it is going to make them better drivers. The only thing that will make them safe drivers is themselves," said Fred Lovely of Cam's Driving School.

Beginning in September, parents must drive with teens for 40 hours -- up from 12 hours. Parents must also take two hours of classroom instruction.

"I think it is good idea because I have driven a lot with my mom and it helps me when I get to my driving classes. It helps a lot to make you more comfortable," Sheridan said.

Experts said about half of new drivers will have an accident in the first year of driving. "