Easter road crackdown

Mon 2 April 2007
Road toll_main

From midnight on Wednesday, 4 April, the Easter road toll begins and Victoria Police launches its attack on speeding, drug and drunk drivers.

Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby said speed is always a concern, but this Easter police will be un-wavering in their attempts to prevent accidents, and make the state’s roads as safe as possible over the holiday period.

“We’ve got great legislation in place supporting members in eliminating hoons on the roads and enforcing road safety. Members should make the most of that legislation and encourage drivers to slow down, and arrive safely at their destination,” Mr Ashby said.

Metropolitan and regional areas will be targeted this Easter, and members are reminded that point-to-point cameras on the Hume Highway and lane-by-lane radar on the Western Ring Road will be functioning, ready to issue speeding drivers with infringements.

In addition to increased radar facilities, Mr Ashby said five drug and alcohol buses will be on the roads, targeting drunk and drug drivers.

“Double use of these resources means members will be able to cover roads in city and country areas,” he said.

As coordinator of the national road toll, Victoria Police will also be keeping a close eye on interstate road tolls over Easter.

“Members will be able to see how Victoria is tracking compared to other states, by monitoring the national road toll tally,” Mr Ashby said.

Across the state the SES will set up driver revive stations, encouraging drivers to not drive while fatigued. Mr Ashby urges members to support the SES with this initiative, and said it is important for all staff to utilise those facilities and plan their trips in advance.

The national Easter road toll tally is available at