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    Default WA -State Patrol warns to lay off the lead foot in Marysvill

    MARYSVILLE - The State Patrol is working to rein in drivers along a fast and dangerous stretch of I-5 near Marysville.

    A straight stretch of the freeway there might as well be a speedway. The Department of Transportation clocked more drivers going 90 mph or faster there than almost anywhere else in the state. (The worst place belongs to I-90 just east of Issaquah.)

    Trooper Kirk Rudeen chases down twice as many speeders now than two years ago.

    "We really want people to know that we've dramatically stepped up our presence here," Rudeen said.

    The speed traps follow a simple formula: slow down speeders, stop collisions and hopefully they say save lives. And they says it's worked.

    "And we've seen fatal collisions drop by 50 percent," Rudeen said.

    Drivers may not see the investment in safety, but rather the dollar amount. Tickets range from $91 up to more than $500 depending on your speed.

    Colleen Frary got clocked going 74 in a 60 zone. "I've never gotten a ticket ever, my whole life," she said.

    She didn't believe the flashing lights in her rear-view mirror were for her. "Yeah, we're like whew, someone got caught, and then it was us. We were surprised."

    Trooper Rudeen says to expect more surprises along that stretch of freeway.

    "If we don't stop them today, there's a high likelihood we'll get them somewhere down the line," Rudeen said.

    Unless of course, you simply drive the speed limit.
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    yeah, I have a nice tendancy to do 70-90mph depending on traffic. Its very flat, wide, and safe. Unless you fall off the road into the sewage, you cant hurt anything. (except snohomish's dodo)

    Everyone should know that the cops sit behind the jersey barrier over the bridge in the southbound lane. He is pretty sneaky but the v1 gave tons of warning.



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