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    Default Lawyer Aims to Jam Radar "Scam"

    Lawyer Aims to Jam Radar "Scam"
    Posted by: Dennis Turner 6/22/05

    Holly Springs, MS - For years, people have looked for ways to beat the speed traps the fool the radar guns. Folks have used flourescent lights under the car, tin foil on the front grill, none of it worked.

    Now, a Mississippi lawyer is out to stop the makers of an electronic gadget from tricking us into paying big money for protection that isn't there.

    We all know the drill... you speed, they catch you on radar, they write you a ticket. You can't beat the radar gun... or can you? The makers of the Rocky Mountain Radar Phaser II, say they've got the device that can do it. The maker claims it will even pay your speeding tickets if you get stopped.

    But Holly Springs Attorney Justin Cluck is out to prove them wrong... in court... and force the company to stop making claims that he says, the company just cannot back up with proof.

    Scientists have actually studied the phaser II... know what they found? I'll quote one of them. He says we're better off putting a block of wood in our windshield, because it works just as well as the phaser II... which is to say... not at all... PLUS, it's a LOT cheaper.
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    Chris better get his wallet out soon.

    Spoiler: show

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyVOLVOrob
    Chris better get his wallet out soon.
    If he meets the criteria I set forth I will gladly pay up.


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    once again, I think this is great news. Hope they understand everyone is after them!

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    They are playing the commercial over and over for the Phaser II here in South Mississippi. I listen to the radio very little these days, but when I do, I hear the Phaser II scam! :shock:



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