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    Default PA - Fairview to use ENRADD for speed enforcment

    Fairview Township to step up its enforcement of speeding laws
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    Fairview Township police will soon have a new tool to enforce speeding laws. Township supervisors reported last week the state Department of Community and Economic Development has approved a $5,000 grant for the purchase of an ENRAD speed-timing device.

    Unlike VASCAR and hand-held stop watches which clock vehicles between lines painted on the road, ENRAD uses laser and radio technology. Lasers are set up alongside the road at a measured distance. As a passing vehicle breaks the beams, its speed is calculated and radioed to a police vehicle that can be stationed further down the road. The device requires less manpower and is safer for police to use.

    Hopefully, police can use the device to crack down on speeding that has resulted in numerous accidents over the years on Route 309 near the Broadway Tavern.

    Police officers commended

    Fairview Township police are without one of its cruisers as the result of an incident in which an alleged fugitive rammed the vehicle with a garbage truck.

    Supervisor Harry Zearfoss Sr. reported Wright Township has offered the loan of a police vehicle until the damaged cruiser is replaced.

    Supervisors praised the efforts of police who were involved in the chase. Officers Dennis Monk and Jack Robshaw were forced to discharge their weapons at the fleeing truck that rammed their car. “Our officers acted in a very professional manner and handled themselves very well in a dangerous situation,” Zearfoss commented. His remarks were echoed by Robert Orloski Jr. and supervisor Russ Marhold.

    Orloski told me the township is interviewing candidates for director of the Memorial Park summer program. The new director will be responsible for developing programs and supervising park and concession stand operations.

    Orloski also said the township is looking for persons interested in serving on the parks and recreation committee. Anyone who is interested should contact the township office at 474-9676.

    ‘No outlet’ sign on the way

    A few weeks ago I mentioned in this column that Van Avenue resident Alan Snelsen had asked Nuangola Borough officials to place a “no outlet” sign at the beginning of the street as a warning to truckers. Snelsen explained that trucks exiting I-81 frequently get lost and turn down Van Avenue only to find they cannot make the turn at the end of the road.

    After reading about Snelsen’s request, Dina Sereyka, owner of Municipal Sign Shop in Wilkes-Barre, contacted council president Regina Plodwick and offered to provide the sign free of charge. Borough road chairman Steve Hudack was directed to follow up with Sereyka to obtain the sign and place in at Van Avenue. A tip of the hat to Sereyka.

    Nuangola’s political intrigue

    The political intrigue in Nuangola reached a new level with the decision by Judge Mark Ciavarella that overturned the vacancy board appointment of John Kochan to an open council seat.

    Now it will be up to the county court of common pleas to fill the vacancy.

    Kochan has indicated he will submit a letter of interest as has Michael Johnson. Kochan operates a cell tower company while Johnson is executive vice president of Lewith-Freeman Realty’s commercial real estate and insurance division.

    Councilmen Terry Jones and Gerard Maskinas, along with nine other borough residents, brought the lawsuit which overturned the appointment. Interestingly, if either had showed up for council’s March 1 meeting there would have been a quorum present and a replacement for Michael Weis could have been named without vacancy board action.

    Of course, with Jones and Maskinas in the minority, Kochan likely would have been council’s appointment. Now that decision will be taken out of the hands of the borough’s elected officials and will be up to the court. Handicappers make Johnson the 5-1 favorite to get the nod of the jurists.

    Plodwick reported the borough received was a check for $26,000 for a state grant to be used for replacement of windows and the heating system in the borough building. Maskinas will prepare specifications for the work and present them to council for consideration at its April work session.

    Councilman Mark Gandzyk reported Nuangola’s recycling program will continue on the winter schedule until May. The center will be open on the first and third Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Nuangola will mark its centennial in 2009 and a committee is being formed to plan a celebration. Anyone interested in serving on a centennial committee can contact planning commission member David Pekar at 868-7436.

    Blood drive to be held

    United Methodist Women and Men will sponsor a blood drive Sunday, April 29, beginning at noon at Christ United Methodist Church.

    Vacation bible school set

    The folks at Emmanuel United Church of Christ, Dorrance, and Stairville United Methodist Church are planning their annual vacation bible school. The next planning meeting will be Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Stairville UMC Church. Anyone wishing to assist with this year’s school is welcome.

    It’s bingo at the grove

    Nuangola Grove Association is sponsoring Bingo Marathon 4 on Saturday, April 28. The theme will be “Game Show Network.” Doors open at noon with regular bingo starting at 1 p.m. There will be two complete sessions of bingo, two winner-take-all games and lots of prizes. Cost is $25. Contact Nancy at 779-4780 to make a reservation. Nuangola Grove is located at 5177 Nuangola Road, just 1 mile from I-81, Exit 159.

    Knights’ night-at-the-races

    Mountain Top Knights of Columbus will hold a night at the races April 28 beginning at 5 p.m. at the council home. Anyone interested in purchasing a horse can contact Lou Konopolski at 868-5513 or Joe Holmes at 474-5396. Cost is $10 per horse.

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    Default ENRADD

    Man... it seems like every small township in PA is getting a $5000 grant for new ENRADD units.

    Not good for me. Hopefully somebody will find some countermeasures.

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    Default when

    When do you think that will happen speedingvolvo?

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    Default ENRADD

    Probabily not soon.

    It is not very economically rewarding for radar detector companies to sell a device that only works with a speed timing device thats only used in certain townships in PA only.

    But I hope I'm wrong.

    For now I'm just keeping my eyes open for the ENRADD boxes on the side of the road.

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    Default if

    Once you find them, you could log them into a Navaalert and that should help you for a while. If you run across them, please let us know and try and get a pic for us only if you have time. Thx speedingvolvo.

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    Default ENRADD

    If I ever run into one being used, ill try to get some pictures. I don't know how Navalert would help though, since the units are portable and the police can put them wherever they want.



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