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    Default MD - Rockville Speed Camera Captures More Than 2,000 Violat

    Using the city's new speed camera system, Rockville police have captured more than 2,900 speed violations during a warning-only period that began March 12.

    The number of warnings reinforces the previous information we had indicating the degree to which speeding is a problem," said Terry Treschuk, Chief of Police. "We hope those who have received warnings realize that we are committed to protecting the public. We hope they will modify their driving habits and help reduce the number of speeding accidents and the resultant injuries to people and property."

    Citations will replace warnings beginning April 30. They will be issued to owners of vehicles photographed going at least 11 miles an hour over the posted speed limit. The fine will be $40, but no points will be assigned to a driving record for convictions. Citations can be contested in Maryland District Court.

    The warning period was designed to allow time for the City and Montgomery County, which also is implementing the new program, to fully test the new equipment and processing systems, inform the public about the program, and install uniform signage at speed enforcement zones. The City has installed warning signs at major commuter entry points to the City and on speed limit signs on streets where photo-speed enforcement will take place.
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    Anyone know what technology these cameras use?



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