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    Default WA - Op. Slow Down or Pay up schuduled for July

    County's police again set sights on speeders

    Police countywide have stepped up patrols to crack down on speeders, officials said.

    The program, called "Slow Down or Pay Up," is part of a pilot project designed to reduce collisions and convince drivers to take it easy on area roads, said Kate Carlsen, spokeswoman, Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

    Sunday kicked off the third wave of a four-phase program, she said. During the first two waves, in November and late February, police stopped 10,373 motorists and wrote 5,631 tickets, she said.

    The final wave is scheduled for July.
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    :roll: not again. We already got those damn signs everywhere now... i always used to like down shifting and just flying by those signs, but im so used to them now i forget they are there...

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    Don't know about the Preston dip, but it appears that they were at it today in the Seattle/Eastside area. Got the dispatcher calling out several speeders on my scanner - north seattle, south seattle and eastside.

    Plus I saw 3 LEOs with cars pulled over towards the end of 520W (two unmarked, 1 marked), I suspected a targeting LEO on the 51st overpass. Sure enough, I was painted on the way back. Jammed him, painted me twice. Range was about 800' before I passed under him.



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