Special patrol yields 188 citations


STERLING The Illinois State Police announced today that they issued 188 citations during a recent speed patrol in Ogle and Whiteside counties.

Locations of the patrols from April 7, April 8, April 19 and April 21 included Illinois 64, Illinois 251 and Illinois 72. The state police also patrolled Interstate 39 and Interstate 88.

The patrols yielded 188 arrests and 64 written warnings. Police issued 185 citations for speeding, according to a statement. Two people were cited for driving with a suspended license, and four people were cited for not wearing seat belts, the statement says.

The patrols, dubbed Speed Patrols Enforcing and Educating Drivers, or SPEED, aim to increase public awareness about prevailing traffic laws. The state police put special emphasis on seat-belt violations and speeding.

A similar traffic-enforcement patrol will happen May 1 through June 3 in Whiteside County, with focus on Illinois 2, Illinois 172, and Interstate 88, among other routes.

Troopers will focus on speeding, seat-belt violations and alcohol-related offenses during that patrol.