Zero tolerance for speeders
26 April 2007 | 14:41
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SUFFOLK police are taking part in a European-wide speed enforcement campaign in a bid to catch and punish more speeding drivers.

In March, 398 people were stopped and given penalty notices for speeding, 94 were stopped in connection with drink or drugs offences, 278 were stopped and given penalty notices for using mobile phones and 394 were stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.

The force has got involved with a TISPOL (the European Network of Roads Policing Officers) campaign, targeting resources at catching up with those who flout the law.

Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith said: “Speed kills, we say it again and again, but still the message does not seem to get through.

“Some drivers seem to believe they are somehow exempt from the regulations and the possible consequences of speeding. There are no exemptions.

“Often I hear people challenging the safety of specific roads and I find this just a little bizarre. Roads do not cause collisions- drivers who fail to adhere to safe speed limits, who do not adjust their speed to the prevailing weather ort road conditions, who take unnecessary risks or fail to concentrate on the road fully do.

“The greater a driver's speed, the less opportunity his or her brain has to absorb the details of potential hazards that may confront them.

“Reaction times are also cut in proportion to the increase in speed giving drivers less opportunity to avoid obstacles.”