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Rensselaer County cracks down on aggressive drivers
4/30/2007 11:32 AM
By: Web Staff

Rensselaer County is cracking down on aggressive drivers. Police are kicking off a zero tolerence sweep today.

Drivers on Route 7 from 15th Street in Troy to the Wal-Mart Plaza in Brunsick are being closely watched.

Police will be watching for people who speed, make improper lane changes, fail to yield the right of way, or follow too closely.

Police said a large portion of the accidents that happen in the area occur on this stretch of road.

Troy Police Captain John Cooney said, "Those factors are all human error factors. Every single one of those accidents can be prevented if we could just get the drivers in our city and county to be more courteous and more patient when they drive."

Similar aggressive driving crackdowns have taken place over the years in Cohoes, Wilton and East Greenbush.