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    Default Denver Colorado ticket quota uncovered

    Friday, May 04, 2007
    Denver, Colorado Ticket Quota Uncovered
    Police officials in Denver, Colorado confirmed that they have placed pressure on rank-and-file officers to issue a minimum number of traffic citations. Since September, those that have failed to produce have faced disciplinary action. "We're always looking at performance," Denver Police Captain Eric Rubin told KCNC-TV. "If an officer is under the average set we might discuss it with the officer." Motorcycle traffic officers must issue at least sixteen tickets in every eight-hour shift. With 26 traffic officers, that quickly adds up to 100,000 tickets per year and more than a million in revenue. All of the city's other officers have a reduced ticket quota to fill, in addition to their regular duties. Rubin insisted that these requirements are not a quota. Instead, they are a "measure of performance."
    Source: DPD Creates Ticket Quotas For Some Officers (KCNC-TV (CO), 5/1/2007)
    This information is courtesy of and is dedicated to StealthCB. Here you go StealthCB!

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    Its a quota. There is no other reason for it. No wonder I always get these small bs tickets, they lik'em young.

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    Default quota

    "Not a quota... a measure of performance."

    Wow. Tells you how full of **** some people are.

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    mm good old denver.

    Is this JUST Denver pd or all metro police. I never had any problems w/ Denver but the asshole Jeffco sheriffs deputy's are horny to pull anyone over for any reason.

    If i had stayed in Denver, which i may move back I would definitely have moved out of Jefferson County. 1 because the sheriff's are dicks and 2 they had emissions testing.



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