If you're flashed by a speed camera in the next few months, just hope that it's by one of these - because they're still undergoing trials and have yet to be fully approved.

That means the Truvelo D-cam, which Auto Express first revealed was coming in Issue 924, can't be used to issue penalties until police forces and the Home Office are satisfied it works accurately.

Traffic cops will start roadside tests of the new laser speed device before the end of next month to check that it's up to the job. Then Home Office chiefs will take them to a test track and study the results they give when cars with finely calibrated speedos drive past.

The evaluation process will take a few months, but the cameras could be on UK roads before the end of the year. The lasers measure the speed in an instant, so the camera only has to take a single front shot to provide enough evidence. Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the Home Office first approving front photography for UK speed cameras.

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