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    Default Shepparton Police are running Operation Decelerate MAY

    Police lament number of speeding drivers
    Tuesday, 8 May 2007. 14:43 (AEST)Tuesday, 8 May 2007. 14:43 (ACST)Tuesday, 8 May 2007. 11:43 (AWST)

    Shepparton police are surprised and disappointed by the number of speeding drivers on the roads.

    Police are running Operation Decelerate through May, and already they have caught nearly 50 speeding motorists on the roads leading into Shepparton.

    Senior Constable Chris Cole says many people are not paying enough attention to their driving.

    "Sometimes you sit there and you shake your head and you wonder what's going on - unfortunately that's what we're finding, a lot of people aren't concentrating on their driving and hence they're finding themselves ... speeding and we are catching them," he said.
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