Scottsdale to snap more speeders
Brian Powell, Tribune
Scottsdale is projecting a drastic increase in the number of street photo-enforcement citations — and its profit — next year with the addition of two new camera locations that will nab speeding motorists.

The Scottsdale City Council approved a new photo enforcement contract Tuesday with American Traffic Solutions that will place new midblock speed cameras along Pima Road, between Los Gatos and Thompson Peak Parkway, and move speed cameras from Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard to Shea Boulevard, between 120th Street and 124th Street.

Those two changes, along with relocating a red-light camera to the Scottsdale/McDowell roads intersection, is projected to help generate 62,000 citations and a $818,345 profit. This year, the city is estimating issuing about 46,000 citations and turning a $187,548 profit. These figures do not include the Loop 101 photo-enforcement program that has been authorized through June 30.

“When you have a new installation, there’s a learning curve at that location,” said Paul Porell, Scottsdale traffic engineering director. “It’s anticipated we’ll be seeing initially higher number of citations.”

Porell said the city is replacing the red-light/speedon-green camera at Pima and Pinnacle Peak roads with the mid-block speed cameras along Pima Road because the intersection camera is primarily catching speeders rather than red-light runners. Porell said the move to Shea Boulevard is because of speeding issues on that street and success in slowing motorists along Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard at 77th Street. For example, the number of violations at Frank Lloyd Wright has declined from a peak of 3,989 in 2004 to 1,419 violators in March.

Meanwhile, crash data led to the move to the McDowell and Scottsdale roads intersection, Porell said.

Scottsdale-based ATS, which holds contracts locally in Mesa and Phoenix, will replace Redflex. The five-year contract can be amended each year to add or change camera locations. ATS CEO Jim Tuton said the camera locations were selected by the city.

The three new camera locations will become operational July 1. The six cameras that are not moving will remain operational with the exception of staggered four-day periods in July as Redflex takes out its equipment and ATS installs its own. The number of mobile photo radar vans will remain at four.

Redflex, whose American headquarters are in Scottsdale, will continue to operate the six Loop 101 photo-enforcement cameras through June 30. It’s unknown at this time whether the city will ask — and the state would grant — an extension for the city to continue operating the cameras while the Department of Public Safety develops a statewide program. If Scottsdale is granted an extension, ATS would have the right to operate the freeway cameras, Porell said.

The typical photo enforcement fine is $162, city spokesman Pat Dodds said.

Eyes in the sky

Scottsdale surface street photo enforcement program

New cameras

• Speed cameras northbound and southbound Pima Road between Los Gatos and Thompson Peak Parkway (replaces red-light/speed-on-green camera on southbound Pima Road at Pinnacle Peak Road)

• Speed cameras eastbound and westbound Shea Boulevard between 120th Street and 124th Street (replaces speed cameras at Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and 77th Street)

• Red-light/speed-on-green camera eastbound McDowell Road at Scottsdale Road (replaces red-light/speed-on-green camera northbound Hayden Road at McCormick Parkway)

Unchanged cameras

(All red-light/speed-on-green cameras)

• Southbound Hayden Road at Indian School Road

• Southbound Scottsdale Road at Shea Boulevard

• Northbound Scottsdale Road at Cactus Road

• Northbound Scottsdale Road at Thomas Road

• Eastbound Shea Boulevard at 90th Street

• Northbound Scottsdale Road at Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard