A newly created squad of Seattle police officers — assigned to go after aggressive drivers — will be paying a great deal of attention to a portion of Rainier Avenue South that has seen nearly 1,700 collisions over the past three years.

Since Monday, the aggressive-driving squad has nabbed speeders on the Aurora Bridge, near the Arboretum and in the Highland Park neighborhood. With 246 citations, costing drivers thousands of dollars, it wasn't a bad week for the 11 officers. Among the people stopped was a woman driving 27 mph over the 40 mph speed limit on the Aurora Bridge. She had four children not in seatbelts in the back seat. Her ticket was $538, police said.

The squad plans to watch sections of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Highway 99 and the West Seattle Bridge for drivers who are speeding, weaving through traffic and making obscene gestures toward other drivers, according to police. The squad will also cite people for jaywalking.