UP FRONT RCMP to target aggressive drivers

May 10 2007

Members of Cariboo Chilcotin Traffic Services and Williams Lake Integrated Road Safety Unit will be out in force targeting aggressive drivers in an attempt to educate the public and reduce the number of serious collisions.

Aggressive driving behaviors include: speeding and excessive speeding; following too close (tailgating); unsafe lane change or weaving in and out of traffic; rolling through stop signs; failing to stop for yellow or red lights; blocking intersections; and failing to yield. These behaviors often lead to frustrated drivers and could result in a serious injury, a fatal collision or a road rage incident.

“Those who drive aggressively know they do and often make the choice to do so,” the RCMP says. “Now is the time to make the choice to change. If you don’t you will be targeted and you will receive a violation ticket,

“There is zero tolerance for these high risk drivers.”