Redding police collaborate with other towns on traffic enforcement

The Redding Police Department has teamed up with police in Bethel and Newtown to launch a regional traffic squad program in which resources and manpower will be shared.

The departments will take turns hosting officers from the two other towns as they conduct targeted traffic enforcement. Each department will play host for approximately one day out of every month.

“This is being done because in all three towns traffic is a major complaint from our residents, and by pooling our resources, we will be able to better target some of those complaints,” said Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs. “There is also highway funding available for regional traffic squads, so we will be able to tap into the personnel reimbursement grants as well.”

A further advantage to the program is it offers officers the opportunity to work with and learn the operations of police officers from other municipalities. Officers called to participate on the traffic squad will answer to the particular host department’s chain of command, said Chief Fuchs.

Officers from each town will participate in the squad only “as manpower permits,” he added.

The program, which began on May 1, will run for an indefinite amount of time. The chiefs of the three departments will meet at the end of the summer to evaluate the program.

“We’ll see if it is beneficial from an effectiveness standpoint and a financial standpoint,” said Chief Fuchs. “If so, we will continue it.”

Any concerns residents might have about the program may be addressed through their local police department, he added.