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    Default OR - Beaverton will spend another $5,000 to prosecute speedi

    Beaverton will spend another $5,000 to prosecute speeding ticket
    Posted by The Oregonian May 15, 2007 16:12PM
    Categories: Breaking News, Washington County

    BEAVERTON -- City Council members voted 4-1 Monday night to spend another $5,000 for a private lawyer to continue to prosecute Officer Jessica Hull, a police officer convicted of speeding on duty.

    Hull was convicted last month in Beaverton Municipal Court of going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. A photo-radar unit took her picture behind the wheel of a police cruiser on Southwest Allen Boulevard on April 16, 2006. Hull's lawyer has appealed her $125 ticket to Washington County Circuit Court, which requires a new trial.

    "Our policy has been if somebody gets a ticket, they pay it," Mayor Rob Drake said Monday night. "That's what this issue is about, period."

    -- David R. Anderson;

    For more on this story, read Wednesday's edition of The Oregonian. To read earlier stories about this subject, click here.
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    Default $5000 ticket

    Good for the cop for fighting the ticket.

    As for the city... what a bunch of clowns!



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