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    Default MN - Rochester Traffic Crackdown with new LASER 5/21 - 6/3

    5/17/2007 10:11:29 AM

    The Post-Bulletin

    Rochester police have another hand-held radar gun to enforce speed limits.

    The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety gave the $3,000 Pro-Laser III radar to the department this morning. It is designed specifically to target a single vehicle among many in traffic.

    Rochester is one of a handful of agencies statewide to get a new radar in part because of the department's work in the 2006 Seat Belt Mobilization program.

    Last year, 494 people died in Minnesota traffic fatalities, and of those, about 40 percent weren't wearing seat belts, according to the office. Of that 40 percent, about half would have lived if they were belted in.

    The additional cost of treating people who weren't belted in 2002 was about $14 million.

    Rochester's May Mobilization will target speeders and people not wearing seat belts. It starts Monday and runs through June 3.
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    Another example of a laser gun being called a RADAR gun. :roll:

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    Yikes I live in Rochester



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